Kitchen Remodeling

We take stress out of your kitchen remodeling project

Remodeling your kitchen is always an exciting and stressful time for the homeowners. From deciding on the most functional kitchen layout and style, cabinetry design, lighting, flooring, picking out the right materials and appliances... to getting permits or finding kitchen remodeling contractors, painters, plumbers and electricians...

Remodeling your kitchen is like getting another job that you don't get paid for. We take stress out of your kitchen renovation project.  Just describe the elements or style you are looking for or simply show us a picture in a magazine,  and we will help you design your dream kitchen from scratch. 

I can guarantee that your new kitchen will look like a million bucks but it surely won't cost you nearly as much.  We have been doing successful kitchen remodeling projects for over 20 years. 

Services we offer


Our completed kitchen remodeling projects:

Our kitchen remodeling services include:

  • Demolition of your existing kitchen
  • Disposal of the old kitchen and construction debris
  • Kitchen layout & design to fit existing or new space
  • Custom-built kitchen cabinets
  • Stock kitchen cabinets assembly and installation
  • Stock kitchen cabinets resizing 
  • Custom pullouts
  • Drawer organizers
  • Kitchen pullout shelves for easy storage