IKEA Kitchen Installation

IKEA cabinets assembly and installation

Renovating your kitchen using IKEA cabinets is a smart and inexpensive way to update your home. IKEA kitchen cabinets have a nice clean look, style variety, and are great for creating a custom look on a budget.


However, many homeowners  soon discover that assembling IKEA cabinets is not an ordinary task. Moreover, IKEA kitchen cabinets only come in the standard width and depth.  But not all spaces can accommodate standard size kitchen cabinets. 


You need a professional IKEA kitchen installer to avoid costly mistakes, delays and frustration.

IKEA Kitchen Cabinets Out-Of-Stock?

Your IKEA kitchen cabinets are not in stock? Tired of waiting? Frustrated? We can help!  

Check out our new budget kitchen cabinetry page for more information.

Professional IKEA kitchen installers

To efficiently design an IKEA kitchen you’ll need to have an accurate measurement of your space. You will also need to know WHAT parts to purchase and HOW MANY!!! And get them delivered!  While it may seem like a simple task, the truth is that small details do matter! 

 Leave all the tough details to the pros

We will measure your space, purchase all IKEA cabinets, hardware and parts, and deliver to your home. You will rest assured that everything you need for your new IKEA kitchen is there when you need it.

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Measure-Purchase-Deliver Service

By popular demand, we now offer a special "Measure - Purchase - Deliver" service to our IKEA kitchen customers. 

Avoid delays,  missing  or incorrect parts and unnecessary repeat trips to the IKEA store.  


This service includes

  • Measurements of existing space
  • Ordering of  IKEA cabinets and all required parts
  • Pickup from a local IKEA store
  • Delivery to your home

No More Delays!